Juiced Bikes launched a HIGH-SPEED electric bike, You will be amazed to know its speed, get the price

Juiced Bikes launched a high-speed electric bike, HyperScrambler 2 founder edition

Juiced Bikes, a big name in the electric bike segment has released a high-performance new edition electric Bike, HyperScrambler 2 founder edition. With a 1,000W Retroblade motor generating 2,000W output, this new edition can hit a top speed of 35mph. This speed was already tested by many riders that have reached close to 35mph of … Read more

Tesla now operates the largest fast-charging network in the world, Know the current Tesla superchargers globally in 2023

Tesla now operates the largest fast-charging network in the world

Tesla on Twitter recently announced that it now operates the world’s largest global fast-charging network. Tesla expanded its fast-charging capacity and is leading globally. With this announcement, Tesla has shared some more information regarding Tesla’s superchargers and its network globally. Here are some announcements. How many supercharger Tesla have in the world in 2023? Here … Read more

The time it takes to charge a Tesla with a supercharger, Tesla supercharger is now more powerful

How much time does it take to charge a Tesla with a Supercharger

With time EVs are picking up demands suppressing the olden ways of traveling. And when it comes to EVs, Tesla is the leader. With more demands from Tesla particularly after the recent heavy price cuts, there is a need for a high-speed charger. Tesla superchargers are made to charge your cars fast compared to other … Read more

EV Launch: The new Volvo C40 and XC40 gonna amaze you with improved range, faster charging, and more

The new New Volvo C40 and XC40

Volvo has recently launched two improved EV variants namely Volvo C40 and XC40. With this launch, the models have become more powerful and efficient with improved mileage and fast charging capability. Not just these two features, the two new upgrades have more improved features including rear-wheel drive. Volvo has set 2030 as a target year … Read more