RadWagon 4 Price: Rad Power Bikes most popular cargo e-bike is open for sale now, get the discount coupon

Good News! Radwagon 4 electric bike is finally open to order after it was closed for sale in November 2022.

As per the official website of Rad Power Bikes, the company’s most popular cargo e-bike is open for order. As stated there, the orders received now will be delivered by March 15.

It was made unavailable last year as the company figured out some issues with the tire. The riders were notified late about this issue. 

The e-bike had two main issues, a misaligned rim strip and the ribbed sidewall causing an inner tube puncture. But finally, with some alterations and fixes, the US’s most popular cargo e-bike is back for you.

Most of you must be willing to own this cargo e-bike and looking for the latest price and any running discount offers.

RadWagon 4 Price

Rad Power Bikes is the US’s most trusted brand and known for making powerful e-bikes at justified prices. RadWagon 4 is currently priced at $1999.

Compared to other cargo e-bikes in the market it falls well in the mid-range price segment.

There are many other costiler cargo-ebikes available in the market, and the Radwagon 4 is made to give tight competition in the Cargo E-bike space.

RadWagon 4 Discount

I was searching for some discount coupons for interested buyers. When I visited the official website, I found a coupon but not a direct coupon to lower the price.

When you apply the coupon code “WELCOMEWAGON” during checkout, you will be eligible to get two more important items.

For a limited time, the company is running a promotion where you will get a free Abus Hyban 2.0 Helmet & Reflective Safety Sticker when you buy this e-bike.

As per the official website, Abus Hyban 2.0 Helmet is priced at $24 and Reflective Safety Sticker is priced at $4.50. But when you apply this coupon, you will get these two items free with RadWagon 4.

So, if you are planning to get this e-bike, apply this coupon before this discount offer expires.

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RadWagon 4 features

Once you have known the price, have a look at the RadWagon 4 features at this price point.

RadWagon 4 important features:

  • Have a 750W rear hub motor and
  • Comes with a 672 Wh battery,
  • Radwagon 4 offers a range of 25-45 miles (40-72 km)
  • E-bike comes with a max speed of 20 mph (32 km/h)
  • Cargo e-bike with a 350 lb payload capacity
  • Has a 1-year warranty

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