Tesla dropped prices across the lineup, know which Tesla Model is now the cheapest in 2023

The world biggest EV maker Tesla recently announced price cuts across all the current Models it has. As per Bank Of America, this recent drop in prices will help Tesla boost sales volume.

This price cut was up to 20% and Tesla Model Y witnessed this biggest price drop. And, this may boost the volume by 53% as per BofA strategists. On whole, the Tesla lineup has seen a price drop ranging from 6% to 20%.

With a price cut of about 20%, Model Y Performance now starts at $58,380, and Model Y Long Range now starts at $54,380 in 2023.

With a 6 to 14% price drop, Tesla Model 3 is now available starting at $45,380 and Model 3 Performance starts at $55,380.

Earlier in December, Tesla Model 3 including Model Y already had a discount running. And, this price drop came after that discount making it further cheaper and more affordable.

With a price drop of about 10%, Tesla Model S has a starting price of about $96,380. Model S Plaid Performance now starts at $116,380 which is up to 15% lesser than before.

With a similar price drop, the Tesla Model X base variant now starts at $109,990 with the plaid Model X now starting at $119,990.

The cheapest Tesla Model in 2023

Can you now guess which Tesla Model out of the 4 current models is most affordable? You guessed it right? Tesla Model 3 with a price cut of up to 14% is the cheapest Tesla model in 2023.

The Rear-Wheel Drive trim of the Tesla Model 3 starts at an MSRP of $43,990. And with all the features intact, the RWD Model 3 may cost upto costs $63,490.

Cheaper does not mean it is affordable for everyone. Still, you will have to empty your pocket with more advanced features and Tesla Model 3 add-ons.

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