Tesla Model 3 attempts to deep dive into the water, this is how Elon Musk reacted to this

A recent video shared on Twitter witnessed a lady attempting to drive her Tesla Model 3 on a street flooded with water. People are crazy when it comes to Testing Tesla models. People go way too far when it comes to doing crazy things with the Tesla EVs.

It came as to surprise to people on the street when a speeding Tesla Model 3 attempted to drive through the water. People were surprised and some were laughing when the lady driver was making this weird attempt.

The street was deeply under the water and there was no clue how deep the water is. Some screamed as the car proceed.

Not just street people, but many Twitter users reacted to this short clip when this video went viral. Some Twitter users found it crazy and funny. One of the users commented, “Now imagine what the Cybertruck can do!!”. Another user found it funny and commented “Tesla owners go deep”.

And, this attempt on Twitter got more interesting, when the Tesla CEO himself saw this video and reacted to this stunt.

Musk commented on this clip and replied with his tweet, “The Car Aquatic”. Twitter and Elon Musk has become synonym these days. And when the man behind Twitter and Tesla himself comment on something, it becomes the talk of the town.

Tesla Model 3 attempts to deep dive into the water

Tesla Models are not made to drive on water and it may cause serious injury or may hit something on the way. People are waiting for the arrival of the Tesla Cybertruck. Back in 2020, Elon Musk on Twitter commented that the Cybertruck can float on water for a while.

But this does not mean people should go crazy testing it on water. But who knows the future, maybe future vehicles can efficiently drive both on water and street.

Compared to internal combustion engine cars, electric cars is comparatively efficient to drive on water. In EVs, air intakes for the engine are not present.

But for now, Tesla Models are better to drive on roads than on the water.

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