Tesla now operates the largest fast-charging network in the world, Know the current Tesla superchargers globally in 2023

Tesla on Twitter recently announced that it now operates the world’s largest global fast-charging network. Tesla expanded its fast-charging capacity and is leading globally.

With this announcement, Tesla has shared some more information regarding Tesla’s superchargers and its network globally.

Here are some announcements.

  1. With vast fast-charging network expansion, Tesla now has over 40,000 superchargers around the globe.
  2. Making this furious supercharging network capacity, the company has touched a total of 46 countries.

How many supercharger Tesla have in the world in 2023?

Here is the original tweet by Tesla:

Tesla operates the world’s largest global fast-charging network—40k+ Superchargers in 46 countries, located near amenities & optimized for high-speed charging on road trips”

Tesla Twitter Handle

Further digging into the Tesla Twitter announcement and retweets, we have collected some more information regarding Tesla Supercharger

  • At a low battery level, Tesla will charge faster. You do not always require to charge your Tesla 100%. The car will notify you about the charge status and juice remaining to continue your journey.
  • You do not need to swipe your credit card at the charging station. Just plug in your car and you are good to go. The history of your supercharging is recorded in your Tesla account and billed accordingly.
  • The nearest supercharger around your current location can be found at the tap of a button on the screen. Also, you will get all other important information regarding your nearest supercharger station on the screen including pricing, billing structure (per kWh or per minute), and nearby amenities
  • A retweet by Tesla states that with a supercharger you get up to 200 miles of juice within 15 minutes.

If you are curious to know more about the charging speed of Tesla using a supercharger, read this article: The time it takes to charge a Tesla with a supercharger

In case you are running short of time, here is a quick overview.

Charging speed depends on Tesla Models. Each Model has a different charging speed ranging from 162 miles to 200 miles in 15 minutes.

As per the official website, Tesla Model Y takes 15 minutes to charge up to 162 miles, the least one. On other hand, Tesla Model S can be charged up to 200 miles in 15 minutes.

The other two remaining Models, namely, Model X and Model 3 can be charged up to 175 miles in 15 minutes.

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