Tesla’s record-breaking sales are skyrocketing after the recent price drops, crazy demands at stores

In recent times, Tesla has made multiple price cuts. And the January 2023 price drop was the biggest one in the United States.

The company made the biggest drop of up to 20% for some of its models. Tesla Model 3 with a price drop of up to 14% is now the cheapest Tesla model out of the four current Models.

Similarly, Tesla Model Y is now available at about a 20% price cut. Tesla Model X and Model S have seen a price drop of up to 10 to 15%.

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The company has set the year 2022 to reach its sales by 50% which it failed to achieve and made close to 40% sales by the end of the year. After multiple price cuts in the past along with this biggest price drop company was hoping to shoot its volume.

Tesla's record-breaking sales are skyrocketing after the recent price drops

Post this January price cut, the company now seeing a record-breaking demand for its cars. The best part of the Tesla pricing model is that the company has enough margin available. With this wide margin, they were able to make this biggest price drop making more demands in the market.

As per a report, the company produced up to 50% more cars in 2022 which were still pending to be delivered to customers. The pending inventory was the biggest concern for the company which they wanted to sell hitting their set sales target.

As per another report, in a week span, the sales started picking up like never before.

Another similar report on “Electrek.co” stated that in a span of a week, Tesla stores in North America had witnessed a record-breaking sales volume and are increasing.

Not just in the United States, countries like China are seeing a spike in demand for Tesla after this biggest price relief.

It is expected that soon the company will achieve its target and its pending inventory will be able to sell more cars.

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